times have changed, and so have we.

Our website and business are getting a facelift! Big things (and changes) are happening! More information coming soon.

I launched KCT Digital in 2018 wide-eyed, hungry to serve, and driven by a zest to create. (but also low-key hella terrified).

Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with brilliant entrepreneurs—from doctors, artists, coaches, consultants, designers, and everything in between. Helping them carve out their corner on the internet and monetize their gifts has been nothing short of inspiring, thrilling, and fulfilling.

And while every project has shaped me as a marketer, each experience has also helped me hone in on my zone of genius as well as gain clarity on who I am most suited to serve.

It is through this awareness that I was able to recognize that I've outgrown my current business; and that the same enthusiasm and discomfort that propelled me into entrepreneurship 3 years ago was now nudging me towards a different direction.

All of this to say—KCT Digital (soon to be The Karla Collective) is undergoing a major overhaul, both cosmetically and internally.

Currently, we are in the process of restructuring our offers and solutions. Starting this spring, we will focus solely on branding and social media strategy for personal brands. More specifically, our offers will be tailored to coaches, course creators, service providers and subject-matter experts and influencers.

Thus, moving forward, we will only be accepting projects that meet this criteria.

While we are saddened to part ways with some amazing clients, we have come to this decision with great clarity and optimism. More than anything, we are excited to go narrow and deep not just within the scope of our work but through our impact as well.

Cheers to change—may it scare you but never deter you.


Founder's Note

Karla C

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