June 27, 2019

Meet Sasha, The Modern Entrepreneur 💼💄✨




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Are you Sasha?

Sasha—whose name is inspired by Beyonce’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce—is an ambitious, driven, fearless dreamer and doer who placed a bet on herself by dropping out of the corporate world to start her own business.

Like most entrepreneurs, Sasha didn’t chase entrepreneurship. In fact, it pretty much chased her, in the same way that Ross stubbornly chased Rachel until she couldn’t say no any longer.

Sasha ventured out on her own so that she could to do more, make more, serve more, and be more. She sees her passion as a gift, one she wants to share with the world, particularly with those who need it the most. You see, while Sasha enjoys the finer things in life (like a bubbly chard in a bougie resort on the central Amalfi coast🍾 🏖) she is first and foremost in the business to spread a message, change a life, and make an impact.

In her ideal world, Sasha hopes to make that passion profitable so that she can do what she loves, help others, AS WELL AS have the financial freedom and flexible schedule to live her best life.

Currently, Sasha is stuck. She is wearing all of the hats in her business, doing #AllTheThings, often wondering whether leaving her salary-paid job was the right choice or a darn right stupid one.

She’s up all night, writing content and jam-packed with client work that doesn’t fuel her fire but she took on anyway for the sake of bringing in more cash.

If she has to write one more blog post, social media caption, or sleezy email she might just throw her laptop out of the window. She is burnt out, overwhelmed, and unclear about what the heck she needs to do to level up in her business and, more importantly, where to start.

She is a master DIYer, an avid reader of professional development books, and a loyal student of Google and Youtube. The Nancy Drew of Entrepreneurship—she’s trying, learning, researching, observing, experimenting.

And yet, she feels like she can’t breathe most of the time, like she is shooting in the dark, and stuck in a plateau that she can’t seem to get out of. Before she knows it, she begins to question her worth – setting limiting beliefs on the things she can accomplish, the money she can make, and the places she can go.

Sasha needs support. She needs clarity, guidance, and direction. Someone who will help her set clear goals, map out a foolproof marketing strategy and create a step-by-step plan of action.

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